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Jun, Youngsi
Separation and Energy Conversion/Storage Process Lab.(SEPL) ()


Laboratory Introduction

My research interests lie in developing, synthesizing and characterizing target-oriented materials with integrated nanoscale to macroscale functionalities for applications in separation, sensing, and energy conversion/storage systems. I am working on the whole range of nitrogen-rich materials from semiconductor carbon nitrides to semi-metallic transition metal nitrides, but also their composites with conventional materials such as carbon and transition metal oxides. I uniquely focus on molecular cooperative assembly leading to morphology development and anisotropic, collective interactions as an effort to understand Nature's way toward efficient, sustainable systems. My knowledge obtained so far from studies of structure-function relationship in supramolecular structure is targeted at a global challenge regarding energy crisis and environmental sustainability, developing an efficient (photo-)organocatalytic system converting waste CO2 and CH4 to useful fuels, which requires a multidisciplinary approach encompassing material design, separation, photocatalysis, electrocatalysis and process design.

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